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‘Lotta Briefs — Much Ado About Something?

With this year’s focus on records, NBC has set their own with the “Live Coverage” sagas.  Needless to say, since the US is several hours behind European time, there was the immediate challenge of the time change…. nothing new from previous ones except the years the games are in the US.

What I don’t understand is why NBC is charging for people to watch the events in “real time.”  How disappointing for the ones who can’t afford the extra monies to watch it on the pay channels.  So some peek at the Internet for instant results; some stay in isolation and then watch later that evening on delay.

Speaking of delays, a disconcerting moment was the infamous NBC promo of the “Today” Tuesday morning show featuring Gold Medal winner, Missy Franklin.  Only one problem — the Monday promo was run minutes before the race spoiling it for those who were used to a “Spoiler Alert” given by the networks.

‘Lotta Sports on Facebook also shared that same faux pas when I highlighted that the US team only managed fifth in Gymnastics Monday afternoon.  One reader immediately fired back reminding me that some were waiting until the NBC telecast that evening.

Personally have tried it both ways —- knowing the outcome and not.  Which do I like better?  Can’t say — what I can say is this has been an exciting Olympics so far with as many twists and turns as the best novels out there.

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‘Lotta Briefs — Inflation

The long anticipated 2012 London Olympics has arrived.  While I am proud to be an American, I am disappointed in the media hype over the importance of records and numbers of medals.  While it’s great for the bank account to have bragging rights of the Wheaties Box, does it really matter in the big picture?  Sure financial security is great but it has a way of leading some into the land of the obnoxious as well as trouble.

Let’s rewind to the year 2009 and a party at the University of South Carolina.  The headlines which followed — Record Swimmer Caught with Marijuana Pipe.  Shock and disappointment for his parents, teammates and fans as well as the US Olympic Committee.  Fast-forward to 2012 two weeks before the Olympics and Hope Solo’s positive drug test followed by interviews fessing to drunken and behavior R-rated by herself and others four years ago.

Yesterday, the anticipated Phelps-Lochte 400-meter showdown turned into Michael Phelps watching the awards from the bleachers.   Today Hope Solo was summoned to a meeting with Soccer Coach Sundhage about her derogatory Tweets on post-game coverage of the Colombia game.  This is only day 2 of the competition.

Back in the 80s I visited Sagres, Portugal.  It was an area of simple means.  Residents looked at Americans as flashy and bold.  I wonder what they think now when reading about Olympic behaviors.


‘Lotta Briefs — Role Models?

I’ve always loved Sports, but are the people in Sports turning into a second Hollywood culture?  Athletes are supposed to be Role Models for our Youth.  This is behavior becoming an Athlete?

  1. Not a day goes by that at least one athlete gets arrested for something — DWI, assault, etc.
  2. Players slamming fists into dugout walls.
  3. Deliberate physical force injuring the opposition on the basketball court.
  4. Players showing no respect for umpires or referees when a decision is made.
  5. Bragging in press interviews about parties just short of an orgy.
  6. Testing positive for drugs deemed not permissible for the sport.
  7. Sex with under aged
  8. Falsifying college transcripts

Again, I repeat these Athletes are supposed to Role Models.  These are Mentors?  These are examples we want our Youth to look up?

Overnight the Internet reported that New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski and his family are in talks for their own TV Show.  Next stop Dancing with the Stars.  Gronk has spent the off-season in Hollywood bars and seems to be adapting well to the party scene.

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‘Lotta Briefs — The Road to October

Baseball fans, the All-Star Break is behind us and now begins the race to October.  What Texas Rangers Team will show up for the stretch?   Will it be the team Nolan Ryan breathed new life into and helped orchestrate back to back World Series appearances or will it be the team many fans (myself included) referred to as the Strangers who fade away on the stretch?  Last night, Texas continued their spiral down.    Caught trying to steal, Kinsler was ejected in the first inning for mouthing off to the umpire, Michael Young went 0-4, they left runners in scoring position in five innings and closer Joe Nathan did the unthinkable!  He walked two batters (note:  the last time April 16, 2011) and then gave up a single.  Game over 2-1.  In addition, their West Coast Series last week was struggle.  They limped home with one of their games an ugly shutout by a struggling Seattle team 7-0  and lost the series to the Angels who are now focusing on the division title rather than a wild-card placement.  It’s a critical home stand where Friday they host the red-hot Chicago White Sox three games followed by four games with the Angels!


‘Lotta Briefs — Ticker Tape

Very good news for Pittsburgh Steelers Fans!  Head Coach Mike Tomlin has signed a contract extension through 2016.   During his tenure, Tomlin has coached the team into four playoffs including two trips to the Super Bowl where he is 1-1.

Another blemish for Sports.  Penske Racing’s AJ Allmendinger’s “B” Sample also tested positive which results in an indefinite suspension for the driver of the #22 car.   AJ claims that he has not knowingly consumed anything which would have caused a positive test.  He has hired an independent lab to conduct thorough testing on every product in his home and motor coach to find what might have triggered the results.  Sam Hornish Jr. will be driving the #22 car until or if this is resolved..

Rangers game was as UGLY as it gets!!   Ian Kinsler got ejected in the bottom of the 1st — after getting on base when he got drilled by Buchholz.  Ian got picked off trying to steal and had enough brief words to not make the ump happy.  M…ore wild pitching late in the game when Padilla decked Beltre leaving Adrian so dazed he was removed from the game.  Joe Nathan gave up the winning run in the top of the 9th.   It’s the curse of the “After The All-Star Break” returning.


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