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A New Chapter for Lotta Sports

Two more weeks until start of my new job doing sports for an AM/FM station in Iowa. While the internet radio gig was fun for the past year, the early 520AM ups and staying up late to catch the last sports was a challenge; this new format is much better suited for my hours. I will tape a 5 minute sports Sunday night reviewing the weekend and it will run the beginning of the week, tape another 5 minute sports on Thursday nights for the weekend run. I will also have a segment called Sports Snapshot which can be anywhere from 5 mins to 30 mins which will run other days, I already have some interviews set up with people in sports. The station is on the airwaves to not only the area in Southeast Iowa, but is accessible on the Internet also. I will be covering the local high school and community college action — also, Big 10 Iowa and Big 12 Iowa State, MLB Cubbies, White Sox, Cards and Royals as well as major stories in sports. Although I was ready for this week, wanted time to get tax stuff done and do advance prep for the new show— scheduled launch to coincide with the beginning of the baseball season.  I will also continue writing my sports column for the quarterly, Heart Beat of the Texas Hill Country.  Next issue on the stands March 1st.

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