‘Lotta Briefs — Role Models?

I’ve always loved Sports, but are the people in Sports turning into a second Hollywood culture?  Athletes are supposed to be Role Models for our Youth.  This is behavior becoming an Athlete?

  1. Not a day goes by that at least one athlete gets arrested for something — DWI, assault, etc.
  2. Players slamming fists into dugout walls.
  3. Deliberate physical force injuring the opposition on the basketball court.
  4. Players showing no respect for umpires or referees when a decision is made.
  5. Bragging in press interviews about parties just short of an orgy.
  6. Testing positive for drugs deemed not permissible for the sport.
  7. Sex with under aged
  8. Falsifying college transcripts

Again, I repeat these Athletes are supposed to Role Models.  These are Mentors?  These are examples we want our Youth to look up?

Overnight the Internet reported that New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski and his family are in talks for their own TV Show.  Next stop Dancing with the Stars.  Gronk has spent the off-season in Hollywood bars and seems to be adapting well to the party scene.

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