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‘Lotta Happenings — Johnny Football & Bowl Fun

My article below appeared in the December issue of Hill Country Happenings..  Click here for more articles and information about happenings in the Texas Hill Country.

Wow!  I cannot believe that December is already here!  Where did this year go?  My husband’s theory is that as one gets older, the time goes by faster.  My theory is that old is just a state of mind and I’m sticking to that!

Johnny during his TFND days.  Photo Courtesy of Tony Gallucci

Johnny during his TFND days. Photo Courtesy of Tony Gallucci

I always look forward to December, especially the sports.  My favorite, football, is heading towards college championships and to playoffs in the NFL.  This year is particularly exciting with Tivy High School alum Johnny Manziel making quite a sensation at Texas A &M.  Fans of college football are seeing what the Hill Country saw when he played for the Antlers.  What an honor that this freshman’s name is already in the Heisman mix and being compared to the “Hail Mary” legend, Doug Flutie.  It truly is like watching a reincarnation of Flutie as Johnny scrambles, eludes the defenders and then throws a pass with such velocity that even quarterbacks in the NFL are probably envious!  Adding icing to the cake, Manziel also stacks up the rushing statistics as he picks his way down the field after a busted play.

Behind this media sensation is cautious head coach Kevin Sumlin who sticks to his policy of denying freshman players interviews with the press.  He also knows of Johnny’s history of doing youthful shenanigans.  Some of the jury of critics wonder if Manziel’s misjudgments in his personal life will again surface as the hype continues to build.  I say let’s give this talent a chance.  Kids grow up……..usually!

December is also the time for gift giving.  Last week I ran across some wrapping paper for my favorite NFL team.  I think the decorative bundle has been in the attic for several seasons.  Why is it I bought the “perfect paper” for preparing Christmas gifts and then forgot about it?   Forgetting is just a state of the mind — like my previously mentioned getting old!

One thing I won’t forget is last year’s holiday for Rick and me.  My Christmas gift to us was tickets to see my former school, the University of Houston Cougars, play Penn State at the Cotton Bowl on New Year’s Day.  I was the perfect fan layered in red (I’ll spare you the details of me deciding in the parking lot that I needed to add my wool tights under my jeans), carrying my sign, pom poms, program, camera and fleece blanket.

Ticket City Bowl 1/1/2012  U of H vs Penn State

Ticket City Bowl 1/1/2012 U of H vs Penn State

There’s no better way to test a true fan’s mettle than enduring windy, forty degree temperatures in the shade on the visitor’s side beginning the second quarter.  Lesson learned — there’s usually a good reason for the availability of fifty yard line tickets just a week before the game!   There’s also a reason for having hand dryers in the stadium restrooms — they’re great for warming the hands and also the frozen bottom!   (not a good visual, I admit!) Have a safe holiday season!  ‘Lotta Sports will be back next year!

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