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‘Lotta Broadcasting – Just Another Day at the Office

We have fun on our show —   Can ‘ya tell?

There is no channel since its internet radio and all you need is the link to our website to get started.  Once on the website, click on the black bar for iPhone users and there’s also a free Android App.  We are also on TuneIn —- once there, type rioandreyes in the search bar.

We are LIVE weekdays 6AM – 9AM and replay the show Mon-Fri until 6AM and on weekends as well.  Let me know you’re listening or when it’s your birthday — I’ll do a special shout-out.  Post something funny or thought provoking on Facebook, you may hear it aired.  We have listeners who sing or play the “Star Spangled Banner” featured each show.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The score was what?!?!?!

The score was what?!?!?!


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‘Lotta Sports from the Women’s POV — Certifiable Aficionado

My column appears in the Heart Beat of the Texas Hill Country — distributed quarterly throughout the Texas Hill Country as well as available Online.

As I write this column, I am recovering from a night of four hours of sleep. Why, you may ask? I stayed up until midnight-thirty watching the LA Clippers at the Houston Rockets for game six. Now if you are a fan of basketball and also watched that game, you will remember that at the end of the third quarter the Houston Rockets were behind 92-79. Most “normal” people would have just turned off the TV and waited until in the morning to hear or read about the results — especially if they had to work early the next morning.

There is a type that is not the “norm” who is a sports devotee such as me. I have superstitions like wearing the same “lucky” attire down to underwear. It is not usual to start yanking off clothes mid-game and substituting with might have been the “lucky” color or item. During a Super Bowl, my team was losing until I discovered after going through my checklist that I had the wrong hair holder on my pony tail. I know, it sounds certifiable, but the team made a turnaround and eventually won. There are also the rituals of “if I don’t get the dishwasher unloaded before a series of commercials ends” or “if my contact lens doesn’t get unstuck by the third try;” my favorite driver won’t get a top five in a race. How many wives would stay planted at a TV to watch the Super Bowl on their honeymoon instead of basking on the sands of the Waikiki? I also found myself setting my alarm for 325AM to watch the Medal run of the 4-Man Bobsled in the 2014 Olympics.

YES, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to watch the fourth quarter of game six of the LA Clippers and Houston Rockets game as the fat lady was obviously tuning up. I even found myself having doubts there was any way they could muster a comeback. Then it happened!! The comeback of the year! I did not miss witnessing the Rockets unbelievable run of forty-nine points to LA’s eighteen in the last fourteen and a half minutes!! Sure I could have watched on the morning news four hours later, but there’s something about the instant euphoria of the win and then the adrenalin that doesn’t allow one to fall asleep. Was it worth it? Sure! Could I have watched it on a replay four hours later? Sure! Would I in the future? Nah…. That’s not part of being a sports aficionado — it’s just not allowed!


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‘Lotta Commits — #IceBucketChallenge


I completed the Ice Bucket Challenge for raising money and awareness for ALS and I passed on the challenge to Hector Reyes who encouraged me to believe, my wonderful brother Craig Williams, my best friend in Ligonier PA — Trish and of course, for being overzealous in the ice and water, my husband, Rick. You have 24 hours to compete the challenge.  Click here to view all the action!!  And here is Rick’s answer to my challenge.

Is it almost over?

Is it almost over?

whoa!  That's cold!!

whoa! That’s cold!!

For more information on how you can help, click here.

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‘Lotta Wildlife – Like a Magnet

We always seems to attract wildlife without really trying.  In the Hill Country we had the deer and in now in North Texas, we have ducks and geese.

Cripple was a disabled deer who hung around several years.  Each year she would disappear and show up several weeks later with two fawns in tow.  This was the last year (2008) we saw her — but this time she only had one.  Click here to see Cripple’s addition.   Here’s another video in 2007 of me feeding her in 2007 —fawns and dad too.   We were sad the day Cripple never returned.

Fast forward to 2014.  We’re here in North Texas with more mothers and their offspring!  Here’s when we first saw the ducklings.  Oopsie!  Wrong Exit here!!   What a difference a month or two makes!!  Houston, we have a problem!!!  Click here!!  All is in control — kind of!  Click here.




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‘Lotta Briefs — Role Models?

I’ve always loved Sports, but are the people in Sports turning into a second Hollywood culture?  Athletes are supposed to be Role Models for our Youth.  This is behavior becoming an Athlete?

  1. Not a day goes by that at least one athlete gets arrested for something — DWI, assault, etc.
  2. Players slamming fists into dugout walls.
  3. Deliberate physical force injuring the opposition on the basketball court.
  4. Players showing no respect for umpires or referees when a decision is made.
  5. Bragging in press interviews about parties just short of an orgy.
  6. Testing positive for drugs deemed not permissible for the sport.
  7. Sex with under aged
  8. Falsifying college transcripts

Again, I repeat these Athletes are supposed to Role Models.  These are Mentors?  These are examples we want our Youth to look up?

Overnight the Internet reported that New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski and his family are in talks for their own TV Show.  Next stop Dancing with the Stars.  Gronk has spent the off-season in Hollywood bars and seems to be adapting well to the party scene.

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‘Lotta Briefs — Ticker Tape

Very good news for Pittsburgh Steelers Fans!  Head Coach Mike Tomlin has signed a contract extension through 2016.   During his tenure, Tomlin has coached the team into four playoffs including two trips to the Super Bowl where he is 1-1.

Another blemish for Sports.  Penske Racing’s AJ Allmendinger’s “B” Sample also tested positive which results in an indefinite suspension for the driver of the #22 car.   AJ claims that he has not knowingly consumed anything which would have caused a positive test.  He has hired an independent lab to conduct thorough testing on every product in his home and motor coach to find what might have triggered the results.  Sam Hornish Jr. will be driving the #22 car until or if this is resolved..

Rangers game was as UGLY as it gets!!   Ian Kinsler got ejected in the bottom of the 1st — after getting on base when he got drilled by Buchholz.  Ian got picked off trying to steal and had enough brief words to not make the ump happy.  M…ore wild pitching late in the game when Padilla decked Beltre leaving Adrian so dazed he was removed from the game.  Joe Nathan gave up the winning run in the top of the 9th.   It’s the curse of the “After The All-Star Break” returning.


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