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‘Lotta Briefs — Much Ado About Something?

With this year’s focus on records, NBC has set their own with the “Live Coverage” sagas.  Needless to say, since the US is several hours behind European time, there was the immediate challenge of the time change…. nothing new from previous ones except the years the games are in the US.

What I don’t understand is why NBC is charging for people to watch the events in “real time.”  How disappointing for the ones who can’t afford the extra monies to watch it on the pay channels.  So some peek at the Internet for instant results; some stay in isolation and then watch later that evening on delay.

Speaking of delays, a disconcerting moment was the infamous NBC promo of the “Today” Tuesday morning show featuring Gold Medal winner, Missy Franklin.  Only one problem — the Monday promo was run minutes before the race spoiling it for those who were used to a “Spoiler Alert” given by the networks.

‘Lotta Sports on Facebook also shared that same faux pas when I highlighted that the US team only managed fifth in Gymnastics Monday afternoon.  One reader immediately fired back reminding me that some were waiting until the NBC telecast that evening.

Personally have tried it both ways —- knowing the outcome and not.  Which do I like better?  Can’t say — what I can say is this has been an exciting Olympics so far with as many twists and turns as the best novels out there.

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