Lotta Sports from the Women’s POV – 2016 — A Year for the History Books!

My article in Heartbeat of the Texas Hill Country – Winter Issue
What an exciting year 2016 was for sports!   It’s not too often that one sees so much history in the making as we did.  The year started out with a Cinderella ending for NFL great Peyton Manning as he guided the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl win.   What a way to end a career!!  He hasn’t done too badly in post-football either.  There’s rarely a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t see Peyton in a commercial.  I think the funniest is the one where he’s sitting on the couch in his bathrobe and sipping coffee.  Lionel Richie is singing in the background, “It’s Peyton on Sunday morning.”   Manning is on the phone with brother Eli wanting him to come and watch Sunday football on his DirecTV set-up.  Eli’s seen in the Giants locker room explaining why he can’t – he’s playing football.  “I’ll pencil you in for Tuesday,” and Peyton writes “Eli” in the empty calendar.

March Madness in college basketball made history too when the number fifteen seed Middle Tennessee upset number two seed Michigan State in the first round destroying just about every basketball fan’s bracket including mine!   The “experts” had predicted Michigan State to make the Final Four and some had even picked them to win the championship.  And it didn’t end there!  The fourteenth seed Stephen F. Austin upset number three seed West Virginia and Syracuse became the first tenth seed in history to advance to the Final Four.  The finals were held in Houston where Villanova upset North Carolina to win the championship on a three-point shot at the buzzer!

The NBA followed suit when the Cavaliers brought Cleveland their first sports championship in fifty-two years!  Hubby was happy as he’s from the suburbs of that city on the lake.  As Rick watched the TV coverage, he wondered which speck was his nephew Bret and was probably secretly envious because he wasn’t there too.

Even car racing re-wrote history when both the June and July NASCAR races at Pocono Speedway had to be postponed due to weather as well as the Indycars at Texas Motor Speedway finishing the end of the June race in August due to weather.  Weather delays are never fun for fans as a lot of the spectators travel in and postponements cause havoc on hotels, car rentals, transportation and work plans. We know only too well after waiting out a few ourselves only to be watching concession stand commercials on Big Hoss and covered cars on the track as the rain dripped off our hair and clothes.

But no greater history was made with the conclusion of the Major League Baseball season!   For a while, it looked like both Texas teams, the Astros and Rangers were destined for the playoffs.  Houston had a September meltdown, and then the best in the American League Texas Rangers found themselves swept by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 1st round of the playoffs.  Our home became a war zone with my husband’s Cleveland Indians and my Boston Red Sox meeting in the AL Championship.  I was the queen of trash-talking only to eat my words as Rick’s Indians swept Boston and moved on to the World Series.

I quickly found myself OK with t he loss when I realized that I was watching sports history unfold yet again!  The Indians were in the World Series in 1997 when they lost in extra innings in game seven to the Florida Marlins.  They hadn’t won the title since 1948. The Cubs hadn’t won the title since 1908, and hadn’t made it to the World Series since 1945 – the infamous series where the Billy-goat curse was put on the team.  We were witnessing one of the two longest championship droughts in baseball finally come to an end!  It looked like destiny was going to hang onto the coattails of the Cavaliers and side with the Tribe, who jumped out to a lead of three games to one.  Then Chicago shocked themselves and the Indians not to only to piece together back-to-back wins, but they also forced a game seven and won in extra innings!   .  I just wonder if sports will ever repeat a year like 2016!

 The truth always hurts ...

The truth always hurts …

If you want to rally, at least wear the cap correctly....

If you want to rally, at least wear the cap correctly….

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The System Needs Fixin’

My heart broke for UT’s Charlie Strong today. I don’t know who I felt sorrier for — him or the players of Houston knowing that their coach was in negotiations for two other schools. Distractions for both teams and staffs and because of those, losses for both teams. Texas will not see a bowl game and Houston will see one, but because of today, one of the lower tiers as well as drop out of the polls again. I am disgusted with the system which allows college coaches to be approached by teams before the playoffs are over (unlike NFL). I am disgusted that only money and notoriety is what the coaches care about rather than loyalty to the kids who committed to the program because of them. And I am disgusted with the media — for their hammering of the coaches involved and the players.  Bon Voyage Tom Herman!

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Lotta Sports from the Women’s POV – A Chocolate Lab’s Connection to Rio

This column ran in the fall issue of Heart Beat of the Texas Hill Country.

This year’s Olympics in Rio had special meaning for me.  How exciting to cheer for and see someone on the medal podium I knew!  The last time I saw Katie Meili was the day after Christmas, 2014.  We rang the doorbell and were greeted by Karen my friend from Delta, and Rio the chocolate lab rescue dog.  Responding to Karen’s sweeping arm motion that the door was not for him, Rio retreated to a room with the lit tree and evidence of a family Christmas still under it.  Karen’s daughter, Katie appeared — a slender, beautiful young woman with big brown eyes.    She certainly wasn’t the little girl that I remembered from my airlines days with her mom.

It was her older sister’s fault that Katie got involved in swimming.   Maureen broke her ankle on the trampoline she had for gymnastics.  First came a cast and then the orthopedic specialist suggested joining a swimming team for her rehabilitation.  Karen was relieved; swimming was a much safer sport.  Typical of younger siblings, Katie tagged along – she wanted to do anything Maureen did!    Katie proved to be a natural once she got the hang of swimming.   And with her ability, came classes and lots of hours of practice.  Karen chimed in, “Remember the place that wanted you there for 5:30am swim classes?!?!?”  She quickly followed with, “Oh sorry, this is your interview…”  Katie smiled at the woman she knew had made lots of monetary and career sacrifices to help her “Dream big… Execute well. “

The Columbia graduate who sat across the table from me was now a professional swimmer.  Her goal was to be in Rio in 2016, but that was a year and half away and she knew from experience, things can happen to delay a goal.  Fate had already stepped in right before the 2012 Olympic Trials.  During warmups while pushing off the wall, her hand got caught on another swimmer.  “I think I hurt my hand.”  Sure enough, x-rays showed the bone had snapped.  Katie displayed her right hand and described a piece inside.  I held up my left arm with my Titanium rod showing through.  I knew without asking — there had been no London Olympics for Katie.

Katie’s face lit up when I asked about her college years.  “Columbia – I wanted East Coast.  It was a small school in a big city! “   Ivy League, just like her dad who went to Dartmouth.  She majored in Psychology and of course made her mark with swimming.  After graduating in 2013, she was invited to North Carolina to train at SwimMAC with David Marsh.   Once getting settled in, she worked part-time for Direct ChassisLink, Inc. who currently sponsors her.

The pool where she practices is also where NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson swims.  “Really?!?”  This racing enthusiast wanted more details.  “He swims with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I am in awe of him,” she responded.  NASCAR sharing the same turf as some of the most elite swimmers in the world!  “You like any other sports?”  I asked.  “I like the Cowboys and Mavs…. and I’m a HUGE Red Sox fan.”  Bingo!  Sox are my team too.  We shared high fives.

Fast forward to 2016.  Katie has been travelling the world competing as a pro– winning titles and setting a record or two.   I had lunch with Karen in July.  Olympics Trials for Rio were coming up.  “I think she has a shot to make it,” Karen whispered.   Days later the text, “She made it!!”  And boy did she ever!!  I loved the media hype at Rio about the swimmer named Meili.  “Where did she come from?” they were writing and saying.   They found out soon with the 100m Breaststroke.  In prelims, Katie tagged the wall right after Lilly King, also on the USA team.  In the finals, Katie was edged out nineteenth hundreds of a second by silver medalist, Yulia Efimova.   The Russian had previously failed two drug tests – don’t get me started!!

Yes … the family dog, a chocolate lab named Rio and Katie Meili with an Olympic Bronze medal draped around her neck in Rio.  It’s only fitting.



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Lotta Sports from the Women’s POV – The Ponies

My column appears in the Heart Beat of the Texas Hill Country — distributed quarterly throughout the Texas Hill Country.

As I write this column, I am watching the running of the 142nd Kentucky Derby.  A flood of memories begins with connections to the sport of horse racing that I have made throughout my life.  When I was a child, my dad used to take us to New Hampshire to watch harness racing at Hinsdale Raceway.  The horses raced pulling a driver in a two-wheeled cart equipped with bicycle wheels.  I “helped” my dad pick a possible winner by choosing my favorite colors.  I would love to visit my Aunt Harriet, my dad’s sister in Brunswick, New York, as she always shared stories of winning at Saratoga, an elite race track in upstate New York.  At the time, they didn’t allow children so I had to imagine the horse races by way of my Aunt Harriet’s stories.  Years later my dad used to joke that we never heard of all the money she lost between her big wins.  In the early sixties, construction began on a thoroughbred horse racing track in the next town over from where we lived.  I never got to experience that since they didn’t open until after we moved from New England.

Fast forward to the 70s when I was a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines.  Very early in my career, I worked flights into Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby.  Our planes were DC-9s with an overhead shelf where passengers could put coats and hats, but not luggage.  The week of the Derby, heavily-perfumed women boarded with their lightweight round hat boxes containing their fancy bonnets to wear to the race.   Meanwhile the men had their newspapers out studying and highlighting statistics of the horses running.  Because the race drew so many people, hotels were at a premium so we didn’t get to layover and be part of the action.

In May of 1987, I was working a night flight out of DFW “puddle-jumping” through Shreveport, Memphis, Louisville and Detroit.  I only had one passenger in first class so I knelt in the seat in front of him and began to chat.  He was going as far as Louisville for the Kentucky Derby.  He seemed very knowledgeable of horse-racing and even told me I should bet on a bay colt called Alysheba.   The day before the race I told my husband about the conversation and that was the end it — no bet was made.   The next day we sat before the TV and watched the race.  Mid-race, Alysheba was cut off by another horse and just about fell with his jockey.  Somehow he regrouped and kept racing.  As my passenger in first class predicted, Alysheba won.  While they were putting the blanket of roses over his back, the owners and trainer surrounded the beautiful colt.  I excitedly turned to my husband and said, “There’s Mr. Van Berg!   I guess we should of bet on him! “   My husband looked in disbelief at the person I am pointing at, and then said “You didn’t tell me the person on your flight was his trainer!!”  Alysheba went on to win the Preakness Stakes, but failed at his run at the Triple Crown.  Thinking back on it, I’ll bet my Aunt Harriet would have had a wager on him.




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‘Lotta Broadcasting – A Boy’s Dream – From Go-Karts to NASCAR

Part of my exclusive with NASCAR’s Landon Cassill during his recent visit in Texas.

This aired on 1610am 106.3fm KWQQRadio.com this week.  Hope you’ll tune in for ‘Lotta Sports and Sports Snapshot — Daily on KWQQ Radio!




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‘Lotta Broadcasting – Just Another Day at the Office

Just finishing my 1st month at KWQQ Radio.  Originally, I thought I would be doing three sports segments a week.  By the 2nd week, I was doing 1 minute sports and 1 minute state news during the top of the hour news segment starting at 5am – 9am.  I also have my 5 minute sports for the local schools, colleges and universities in Iowa running Mondays and Tuesdays 1am, noon and 6pm, 5 minute professional sports and Cubs, White Sox, Royals and Cards coverage on Thursdays and Fridays 1am, noon and 6pm and 5 minute “Sports Snapshot” perspective running Wednesdays 1am, noon and 6pm and weekends.   Here’s a recent Sports Snapshot: 

Hope you’ll tune in — in addition to broadcasting on 1610AM and 106.3FM Farmington, IA, we’re on the Internet  — Click here to Listen


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‘Lotta Sports from the Women’s POV – America’s Pastime

My column appears in the Heart Beat of the Texas Hill Country — distributed quarterly throughout the Texas Hill Country.

I love baseball. It actually started back in the 60s in New England. I was raised in a neighborhood consisting primarily of boys my age so I quickly learned what baseball cards were used for. I exceled in a game where you flipped a card against another person and the best combination flip would get to keep both cards. I won some great cards and I kept them in one of my Dad’s cigar boxes … Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Brooks Robinson, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Harmon Killebrew. In the late 60s, we moved to Houston as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” the Astrodome, finished completion. I became an Astros’ fan and revered legends such as Rusty Staub, Jim Wynn, Joe Morgan, Bob Aspromonte and Larry Dierker.

Fast-forward to the fall of 1986 when I moved to the DFW area and started working the Texas Rangers’ baseball charters for Delta Air Lines. The following spring found me talking hubby Rick into replacing our ski vacation with spring training in Port Charlotte, Florida. Spring training provided a more relaxed atmosphere where you got to meet the players. In late 1988, to the thrill of Ranger fans and to the dismay of Astros fans — especially my Mom — Nolan Ryan signed on with Texas. That man’s arrival created almost as much excitement as winning the lottery. The Rangers’ charters became “prime real estate” on the bid sheet and flight attendants senior to me who didn’t even care about baseball were infiltrating my turf! Nolan was self-conscious with all the attention coming from the media and fans.

The following year, Mom, who was in her late seventies, asked me to take her to spring training. We flew into Sarasota-Bradenton. I got goofed up leaving the airport and after some time found us heading south toward Naples instead of north to Port Charlotte! By the time I got turned around, we had reached the city limits just before nine p.m. The restaurant on the wharf wouldn’t seat us, as they were trying to close. Needless to say, we were now pretty hungry even by central time standards! A good flight attendant (as well as former Brownie/Girl Scout) always has a Plan B to put in place. I knew of a small restaurant that the players frequented and stayed open late.   As we perused the menu, Mom excitedly told the waiter how I worked the Rangers’ charters for Delta. He smiled and told us that one of the players was there — Nolan Ryan. I quickly scribbled a note and gave it to the waiter to give Nolan. A few minutes later the waiter returned and said Nolan wanted to meet Mom. He then escorted us back to a banquet room. Mom was finally going to get to meet Nolan Ryan! She was beside herself! There stood Nolan and another gentleman. I introduced Nolan to my mom. He, in turn, introduced us to Craig Reynolds, a former shortstop for the Astros. Mom immediately dropped Nolan’s hand and threw her hands up to her face. “Oh, my! Craig Reynolds! I can’t believe it!”

Now, according to Nolan, Craig never let him forget that moment — a fan getting more excited over Craig than Nolan! Later that year Mom had knee replacement surgery. When she died and I went through her things, I found in her mementos a Get Well card Nolan signed for her. Yep… Mom dumping Nolan for Craig was just a momentary lapse in judgment.

Mom at Rangers Spring Training in Port Charlotte FL - 80's

Mom at Rangers Spring Training in Port Charlotte FL – 80’s


Mom posing by Nolan Ryan cutout.

Mom posing by Nolan Ryan cutout.

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