The Boys of Summer – Road Trip – Part 3 – Taking in the Sights

The next morning the free “abbreviated” breakfast at the hotel didn’t look too exciting so we decided to try a place highly rated in our guide.  Rather than ask for directions, I loaded the name in my phone and we proceeded on the route. It first took us in a big circle BACK to the hotel so we started over and discovered the same street had three different names!  We climbed a couple of hills, crossed a bridge and the walk turned out to be 25 minutes instead of the 10 originally projected. 

Breakfast was awesome at the Maple Street Biscuit Company.   When you ordered, you had to give them the name of a song to call your order.  Neither one of us could think of anything and finally I said, “On the road again.”   I should have done, “Take me out to the ball game.”  So, we’re sitting there among several families with baseball players (There was a college tournament in town.) and we hear, “On the road again, here’s your juice!”  Then 5 minutes later, “On the road again, here’s the rest of your order.”  We laughed all during our meal at some of the songs people picked.  I had a waffle that was great and my order of bacon was 9 pieces (although menu showed 6!)!!   The OJ was fresh-squeezed.   We were almost finished and we hear, “On the road again, your order is ready!”   A group of kids with a chaperon close to our age answered to that one. 

After breakfast, we walked along Main St and went into several shops.  It reminded me of my layovers in Germany.  The park entrance was on Main St and we could see our hotel a block away.  We discovered we had made a huge circle around town getting to breakfast.  The falls were beautiful and despite signs everywhere about not going in the river or walking on rocks, people were doing it.   Furman College was adjacent to the park and several of their buildings overlooked the park.  We walked hills and several bridges and were entertained by a retriever out in the water playing fetch with his owner on the shore.  As we were heading out of the park, a tour group rode by us on two-wheeled bikes.  “Please stay on the trail.  There are snakes in the park.  The poisonous ones are in the river,” the tour guide announced.   My eyes were like saucers! 

To be continued


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