‘Lotta Baseball — Bark at the Park

Fun watching the Texas Rangers vs. the Oakland A’s at Bark at the Park.  Roxie and Rex walked us around the perimeter of the field an hour before game start, then we took in 5 complete innings of baseball.  As we got to the car, the Rangers finally hit a home run so we watched the fireworks from our car.

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  1. #1 by Steve on June 4, 2015 - 4:18 pm

    This is about the ESPY Awards giving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Jenner. I applaud his/her decision to go public with this and it does take courage to do that, but…that’s a personal life decision. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist and am not pushing intolerance. My point is that there are different types of bravery. There is bravery that puts your very life in the balance, such as our servicemen and women and bravery in the face of a life-threatening disease, which was the basis of the Ashe Award in the first place. I think that if Jenner wanted to do this without all the publicity and hype, he could figure out a way to get that done. It was strange that the ESPY’s give their Courage Award to Jenner and not Lauren Hill, female NCAA basketball player that had terminal brain cancer and died on April 10th. There has been a bit of backlash to ESPN for following a trend and not giving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to a more deserving recipient.


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