‘Lotta Briefs — Super Bowl Thoughts

This should have been a sign of a bad season!

This should have been a sign of a bad season!

This doesn’t happen many times in my life — but this Super Bowl, there is no vested interest in who wins.  My Steelers and my 2nd team, Pats, disappointed me yet again.

Ben played injured for a lot of the season and I question Coach Tomlin’s decision to play him in so many critical games.  Errant throws were costly in the final games of the season and the Steelers went to the showers early — no post-season play.  Tough pill to swallow, but when one has a second team, easier to accomplish.

My Fantasy League team was solid with Brady, Welker & Hernandez.  The boys let me down… 😦  The Patriots performance was lackluster in the Championship game.  Not to worry…I also have the 49ers Defense & Special Teams.  Surprisingly, very few Ravens players (including Joe Flacco and the Defense/Special Teams) were on our league’s playoff roster and because of this, it’s still anyone’s to win.

So… who does this armchair quarterback root for?  Pittsburgh is the sole team with 6 Super Bowl wins, making it very hard to root for a team (49ers) to tie the record.   Then there’s the flip side of the coin — Rooting for the Ravens is like a Browns fan rooting for the Steelers — it’s just not done!  Just ask my husband!

Ideally, I need Kaepernick, Rice, Boldin & Ravens Defense/Special Teams to have a horrible game and the 49ers to hold the Ravens scoreless.  I’m not asking for much …right?!?!  After all… It’s all about me and winning Fantasy Football!

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